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10 Main Reasons to Use Your Credit Card

These days, every person wants to make profit oriented to their each and every activity they perform in their life. That’s we all have become over conscious for our financial transactions. Debit cards and credit cards have given the transactions a new flow. In these two bifurcations people always prefer credit card over debit cards. You can be more satisfied if you use a credit card instead of debit card due to various reasons as follows:

10. Credit cards can be used worldwide
A credit card is useful all over the world and at every place. For instance, you can use your credit card in every country from restaurants to residential hotels, from gas stations to auto rental companies and from shopping malls to book stores. You can make international transactions on the credit card. You can pay abroad and you can also receive payments from abroad. No one can refuse your credit card, but your debit card can very often.

9. Credit card gives you financial benefits in the form of sign up bonuses
A lot of credit cards give you the benefit of bonuses. The amount of these bonuses can range from $50 to $250 US dollars. You can also get some other type of bonuses in the form of gift cards or reward points (covered below) offered by your credit card.

8. Credit card gives you some opportunities to get cash back
Various banks and credit card companies give you opportunity to earn from 1 percent to 5 percent of the amount you spend in your cards in the form of cash backs. All the banks don’t offer it but you can get these benefits it if you choose the right one.

7. Credit Cards offer you protection in case of fraud or lost
There are terms offered by credit card issuers that if you have lost your card or your card has been detained you cannot lose that money or available revolving amount that you have in your accounts. In case of any detainment or fraud you have to inform bank and your account would be locked immediately. Most of the times, the funds lost due to fraud are returned. Nowadays, with the use of better encryption and user’s spending habits recorded by credit card issuers, they know before you do if there is a case of fraud and they’ll notify you right away.

6. The point system of many credit cards offers a great benefit
You can get the benefit of up to 5 points on each dollar you spend on your credit card. This benefit is not offered to debit card holders.

5. Credit cards have a user-friendly grace period
Grace period of the credit cards give you benefit to use money which is not in your account at some urgent times. Credit cards have at least two days as their grace time. You can keep your money hanging on for two days if you use credit card for your transactions.

4. Credit cards offer mileage benefit
Mileage benefit is only offered by your credit card. Credit cards give you frequent layered mileage on you card amount that you can redeem for air travel around the world.

3. Credit cards are very convenient to use
As a consumer, using a credit card pretty much opens you the doors to everything: restaurant, clubs, shopping, e-commerce, etc. Furthermore, there is nothing more convenient to use than a credit card when paying for something than using cash.

2. Credit cards give you the insurance benefit
Credit cards automatically ensure the users and offer benefits such as rental car insurance, travel insurance, etc. This is one of the credit cards’ unique benefits for customers.

1. Credit cards offer short term borrowing
Credit cards offer you short term loans if you need short lived installment loans. It gives you opportunity to borrow money at urgent times since most, if not all, credit cards offer cash advance benefits.

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