Despite the fact that NetCredit has no more than 3 years since its foundation, it has rightfully landed on our rankings of premium lenders… We have given this lender, the #1 spot for personal loans for people with bad credit. With NetCredit you can borrow up to $10,000 as an installment loan with fixed monthly payments. This option looks like an attractive solution for anyone who has bad credit history and needs access to funds quickly. Indeed, this is the great advantage of NetCredit and the reason why it’s displayed in our website… your credit score is not relevant with this lender.

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NetCredit Availability offers personal loans in Alabama, California, Delaware, Idaho, Missouri, New Mexico, South Dakota, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Dakota y South Carolina.

NetCredit reviews each loan application based on factors different than your credit score which explains why it is becoming a favorite of our readers. As a company, NetCredit believes in four fundamental values and puts them in words:

  1. We Believe Everyone Deserves Access to Credit
  2. We Believe Our Customers Come First
  3. We Believe It Should be Easy
  4. We Believe Good Lenders Offer More than Loans

NetCredit Services

NetCredit offers unsecured fixed rate personal loans (no cosigner needed) that run from $1,000 up to $10,000. The minimum and maximum amount that you can borrow depends on the state where you live. For example, California residents have to borrow at least $2,600 while residents in Georgia can borrow a minimum of $3,100. All loan rates and terms depend on your ability to pay, financial history as well as your state regulations.


Specializes in bad credit loans offering fixed installment loans up to $10,000 for up to 60 months.

Up to $10,000

  • Terms of up to 60 months
  • Loans from $1,000 to $10,000
  • APR from 35%
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Loan approval in minutes
  • Funds can be deposited the same day
  • Specializes in people with bad credit
  • Possibility to improve credit score

To qualify for a loan with, you should meet the following requirements:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Proof of income
  • Social Social Number
  • Proof of identity
  • Employment status
  • Proof of residence

The online loan application form is quite easy to fill out. Once your information has been compiled, you will be offered a loan based on your basic information. Then, you can select the loan amount you wish to get and accept the terms if you agree to them. Once you receive a final approval, the amount requested could be deposited in your bank account, in many cases, within the following 24 business hours.

The repayment length will depend on the amount borrowed as well as your score as a borrower (do not confuse with credit score) and the state where you reside. For example, personal loans taken by California residents can be paid between 6 and 48 months (based on the above criteria). In other states borrowers are allowed up to a maximum repayment term of 60 months.
NetCredit offers several options if you want to reach customer service. Multiple e-mail addresses are available depending on the type of support you need. Free telephone support is also available during office hours. Hours of operation of NetCredit are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm CT Monday through Friday and from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm CT Saturday and Sunday. NetCredit corporate office can be found in: 175 W. Jackson Blvd. Suite 1000 Chicago, IL 60604

In conclusion, NetCredit is a reliable company with nothing to hide which is evident when you try to reach them. The main advantage over their peers – and the reason for our recommendation – is that it offers loan products for people with bad credit. People with poor credit or no credit at all looking to rebuild their credit will benefit from Netcredit since all payments on time will be reported monthly. However, it is important to note that interest rates are significantly higher for those with very bad credit (easily understood because of the risk factor).

Netcredit is a lender that specializes in people with bad credit. Users can expect fixed installment loans up to $10,000 for 60 months with rates from 35%.
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The Best For Bad Credit

A lender that specializes in bad credit loans offering fixed installment loans up to $10,000 for up to 60 months with average rates of 35%.

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Specializes in bad credit loans offering fixed installment loans up to $10,000 for up to 60 months.

Up to $10,000

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